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Bring ’em Home 24/7 Bail Bonds provides rapid bail bonds for all felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic/class C holds and warrants. With literal decades of experience in bonding and criminal law, we have the expertise and knowledge to quickly evaluate your situation and tell you exactly what needs to happen to bring your loved one home. We will also gladly answer any bail bonds-related questions for you and keep you very informed as to every step of this process. We know well that this can be both unfamiliar and scary, but we will simplify and streamline it for you, and confidently guide you through to the sweet, fragrant, open fields of freedom.


Bring ’em Home 24/7 Bail Bonds . . . because jail sucks.

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Felony And
Misdemeanor Arrests

Dealing With the Felony/Misdemeanor Arrest of a Family Member?
If someone in your family has been arrested, you probably aren’t sure what to do next or who to call. If you (or another family member) were the victim, that only makes the situation more complicated. While your family member’s arrest is a stressful situation, there are things you can do now to gain information and control. One of those things is to contact us here at. Our bail bonds agents will not only provide you with important information regarding your loved one, we can also assist with providing bail bonds for immediate jail release. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will handle your bond request FAST, with professionalism and complete confidentiality.

Traffic Related Arrests
– DWI-DUI-Excessive Speed Warrants and Bonds

If you need to post Dallas Bail Bonds for someone who has been arrested for either DWI or DUI, please call us today. Our experienced bail bonds agents can handle your bond quickly, conveniently and most importantly, with complete confidentiality.

What’s the difference between DWI and DUI?

Well, in Texas…

DWI (driving while intoxicated) is considered a more serious offense than DUI (driving under the influence). A study conducted by Louisiana State University sites that Dallas has the most drunk driving deaths in the US (


According to the Texas Penal Code 49.04 an adult commits an alcohol related offence if he or she is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place. In Texas DWI carries punishments like being placed in jail for up to 180 days and up to $2000 in fines. This offense is considered a Class “B” Misdemeanor. Drivers over the age of 21 AND drivers below the age of 21 can receive a DWI. Each time a conviction of DWI is received, the punishments get more severe, including driver license suspension just to start.


In Texas a DUI is defined under the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code (section 106.041) and is defined as driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor. Per state law, a DUI is a Class “C” misdemeanor, which means there is no chance a person/minor being jailed as punishment on a DUI case, but the fine can be up to $500.


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**NOTE: This is not to be considered legal advise. If you have further questions regarding the laws, penalties, etc. governing DWI and DUI in Texas, please consider consulting a qualified attorney.

Payment Options

We Have Several Payment Options
We know that coming up with the funds to cover an unplanned bail bonds purchase can put a strain on anyone’s budget. That’s why our services include a variety of payment options to assist you in acquiring the Dallas Bail Bonds you need to get your friend or loved one out of jail. Our services include the following payment options:

If you don’t have the full bail bond fee, we may still be able to work something out!!

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