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 Your driver’s license, copy of check stubs or other proof of employment, a utility bill/proof of residence, and (if necessary) some type of proof of collateral value.

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Collateral is not always required, as only about 10 percent of bond applicants are asked for it.  Whether they are asked for it depends on several factors: the amount of the bond, where the client and indemnitor/s live, the history of the accused person, whether the client/indemnitor/s work, the stability and resources of the indemnitor/s, etc.

Anything of significant value when weighed against the total cost of the bond.  Examples, a paid off car, a free and clear house, other non-encumbered property, jewelry, etc.  Please know that collateral is not our preference, and, if you are required to put anything up as security, any interest we have in it vanishes if the client attends all court dates, in accordance with our contract.

We do not.  While we have experience in many aspects of criminal law, we only act as bondsmen and agents.
We are prohibited from doing so, as bondsmen and agents.  There are many, many experienced criminal defense attorneys in the Dallas area, and there are just as many levels of experience and skill amongst said attorneys.  Similarly, there are many different price points for their services.  However, most good criminal defense lawyers don’t require a consultation fee,whether it be by phone or in person.  So, search around a bit, but do so quickly, as being represented by a qualified attorney should be your next step, right after using us to post bond.

Maybe!  This is a dynamic business and we are growing quickly.

 While that’s really not a question, we do too!

Easter?  Cinco de Mayo?  On the day of the seventh game of the World Series (even if the Rangers are playing in it)?
Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Si.  And Yes.
Bad thing (or alleged bad thing) occurs.  Law enforcement investigates and identifies the alleged perpetrator/s.  Warrant goes active on person.  Person is arrested and taken to jail and is booked in, either at Lew Sterrett (the Dallas County Jail), one of the many city/municipal jails in the area, or at almost any jail around the state of Texas.  Then the person will see a magistrate (a judge who comes in to the jails at set times each day) who will formally read the charge or charges faced by the person, and the magistrate will set a bond amount.  The vast majority of bonds are “surety” bonds, meaning that only a percentage of the total bond amount needs to be paid to a bondsman (we strongly suggest Bring ’em Home 24/7 Bail Bonds!).  The bail bondsman will post the bond at/with the jail.  Then the person in jail will be released (likely needing a ride home!).  The person will check in with us on a schedule each week and will begin the process of attending court with a lawyer of his/her choosing.  Once the case is over, if everything has been paid to the bondsman according to the contract, and the client has fulfilled all his duties with the court, then the responsibility to the bonds office ends.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office – we will provide you with any information you need.

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